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A Family Friendly Video Game That Anyone Will Love

On of the favorite games for the game cube is Mario Power Tennis. It is great for all the sport lovers and game lovers in the world. It all began years ago with Pac Man, Mario Brothers and the list goes on and on. The game world has come a long way since the days of Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man. There are adventure games, sports, racing, karate or ninjas, and many more.

There are games to please everyone. Today's games are looking more like reality than ever before. Mario Power Tennis is however just a game for fun so they are still more like the basic Marios.

Some people like the reality games but they are also scary when it comes to your kids knowing how to distinguish the difference between a game and reality. Much like some television shows and movies, there are some games that children should not be able to play. Some of the games can mess up a child's mind. Parents should control what games their children play.

Mario Power Tennis for Game Cube would be a fun and safe game for them to play. The characters are fun and very distinguishable from reality. Some of the more reality killing games are hard to deal with because they even look real like adults. There is enough killing and crimes without playing the games and killing others.

We are at war and killing is a reality so we do not need games with people killing other people in them. It isn't near as bad if we are slaying a dragon. The games today are so realistic, they include blood and everything to make it look like it happened right on the street.

It is bad enough to make even some grownups have nightmares so we can only guess as to how it is affecting our kids. Thanks to games like Mario Power Tennis, there is still hope for the world. There are many testimonials of game players who are very pleased with the Mario Power Tennis game and claim that it is a lot of fun and very up to date in their maneuvers and plays. The power shots like the slice, topspin, drop, flat, and lob are all included, and different positions are an added plus to the game as compared to the basic game. The game is exciting to play if you are a tennis player and even if you aren't.

The game can be great fun especially with multi players. But for the single players, they can still challenge Mario, Luigi, Peach, and the gang. Mario Power Tennis may just be the favored tennis game of all time. Some may not agree about Mario games and other not so realistic games but they are some recommended games for children and adults who do not want to see all of the blood and hear all of the foul language.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as wacky gift ideas at http://www.wackygiftideas.com

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