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Gaming Articles
News: Jacko Guilty Bets Public

February 11, 2005


SOURCE: AnyBets.com

London, UK -– Michael Jackson is expected to be found guilty on four counts of lewd acts involving a minor, and four counts of administering an intoxicating agent, in his current trial against the State of California, according to public opinion on celebrity event betting site, www.AnyBets.com.

The international pool betting site has online pools covering the entire trial process from jury selection to conviction. The public have shown they are willing to put money where their mouth is and placed bets in all nine pools related to the Hollywood trial.

59% of the betting public believe that Michael Jackson will be found guilty of at least one of the charges brought against him - 32% have bet that he will be found guilty on all 10 charges, and 27% say at least one charge but not all charges. Wacko Jacko supporters stand to win £4.81 per £1 bet placed if he is found innocent. If there is a mistrial, the odds are a staggering £22.90 for every £1 bet

Regarding the length of the trial, 52% believe it will take 16 to 20 days alone just to select the jury. The public also believes that it will take longer for the defence to present its case compared to the prosecution. 42% of bettors have said it will take the defence more than 14 days to present evidence and 56% bet it will take the prosecution 12 to 14 days to present theirs.

A spokesperson for www.AnyBets.com said, “The Michael Jackson pools have been extremely popular as the betting public enjoy getting involved in current and controversial issues by placing a wager in support of their opinion.

Our website appeals to a wide range of consumers and what is bet is often a reflection of their viewpoint. At the moment, the odds show a majority opinion that Michael Jackson is guilty.”

36 States bet the Patriots to beat the Eagles
3 February, 2005

36 States bet the Patriots to beat the Eagles

3 February, 2005


SOURCE: Sportsbook.com

Jacksonville, FL - Feb. 2, 2005 - With only four days remaining until the biggest event in professional sports, sportsbook.com football fans have overwhelmingly picked the New England Patriots as their favourite for Super Bowl XXXIX.

But - sportsbook.com betting trends show the following states as strong Philadelphia Eagles supporters:

New Jersey

In addition, sportsbook.com shows several states are still sitting on the fence, with a 50-50 split decision, including:

North Carolina

"This really isn't surprising based on the way the Patriots have been performing, but I would expect several states including New York and Michigan to swing towards the Eagles by game time," said Alex Czajkowski, Marketing Director, Sportsbook.com. "We will continue to track the trends as the big day quickly approaches."

In addition to betting on the straight winner, sportsbook.com offers over 700 different props and odds for Super Bowl. These props and odds run from the first play of the game, to the end, and everything in between.

State-by-state betting trend at sportsbook.com:

Percentage Breakdown By State
Patriots Eagles
Alabama 58.62% 41.38%
Arizona 58.04% 41.96%
Arkansas 69.23% 30.77%
California 58.87% 41.13%
Colorado 62.16% 37.84%
Connecticut 65.85% 34.15%
Delaware 23.08% 76.92%
Florida 49.01% 50.99%
Georgia 59.43% 40.57%
Hawaii 43.24% 56.76%
Idaho 50.00% 50.00%
Illinois 56.01% 43.99%
Indiana 59.32% 40.68%
Iowa 45.16% 54.84%
Kansas 62.86% 37.14%
Kentucky 51.61% 48.39%
Louisiana 58.82% 41.18%
Massachusetts 89.80% 10.20%
Maine 71.43% 28.57%
Maryland 63.19% 36.81%
Michigan 53.85% 46.15%
Minnesota 62.24% 37.76%
Mississippi 64.29% 35.71%
Missouri 63.38% 36.62%
Montana 80.00% 20.00%
North Carolina 50.00% 50.00%
New Jersey 41.20% 58.80%
New York 52.86% 47.14%
Nebraska 59.09% 40.91%
Nevada 41.67% 58.33%
New Hampshire 91.67% 8.33%
New Mexico 57.14% 42.86%
Ohio 52.26% 47.74%
Oklahoma 59.26% 40.74%
Oregon 55.74% 44.26%
Pennsylvania 12.98% 87.02%
Rhode Island 82.61% 17.39%
South Carolina 59.02% 40.98%
Tennessee 53.33% 46.67%
Texas 65.15% 34.85%
Utah 34.78% 65.22%
Virginia 50.36% 49.64%
Vermont 50.00% 50.00%
Washington 57.76% 42.24%
Wisconsin 58.06% 41.94%
West Virginia 46.15% 53.85%
District Of Columbia 72.22% 27.78%

Trends for Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Puerto Rico were not available at press time

For more information on odds and props for Super Bowl XXXIX please visit www.sportsbook.com