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Marilyn Monroe Quotes To Remember The Day of Her Birth - You might remember her for her famous white dress, fluttering in the breeze from a New York subway, or perhaps her unique birthday song to JFK.

Video Game Tester Success - You can use your video game skills to position yourself for success when you start out as a video game tester.

Bust Boredom with Kid Crafts - Have you ever heard those familiar words, "I'm bored," coming from the mouth of your child? If so, then kid crafts are the answer.

Creative Photography Choose The Right Lens For The Job - Telephoto and wide-angle lenses affect more than just magnification in your photography.

Key Audio Book Facts for Beginners - When I first came across audio books online, I found myself asking a number of questions; now today as an audio book site owner I hear a lot of people asking these very same questions so I decided to publish some of the most common audiobook question and answers.

EB White Quotes To Celebrate the July th Birthday of Elwyn Brooks White - When most people think of E.

Nature Photography Practical Tips For Great Rainforest Photography - Five practical tips to improve your rainforest photography, that any photographer can try no matter what type of camera you have.

The Importance Of Your Movie Covers - Creating your own DVD and Blu-ray covers can be a lot of fun.

Beatrix Potter Quotes to Celebrate a Childhood Favorite - Beatrix Potter wrote her way into the hearts of millions of children with her Peter Rabbit tales.

Careers in Radio - Knowledge of sports along with a conversational delivery style is important for success as a sports anchor person, just like knowledge about music and the hottest musicians and bands is required for a DJ at a rock station.

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