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Blackjack Will Survive Its Critics

Some people just fill their mouths with pretended morals regarding gambling and betting, but invariably gambling survives those that pretend to declare it unlawful. It is a natural law: You cannot fight desire. Gambling and playing in general are desires, betting is a desire for money and casinos, both traditional and online, as well as all the games gambled upon inside them are just part or consequence of the people's desire for fun.

From time to time, some self-appointed moral pundit comes into existence, and from time to time, some politician trying to get votes listens to them and seeks to have gambling prohibited. However, history has told us many, many times that when something becomes prohibited, it then gets transformed into a forbidden fruit, and these always become desires in themselves. So, a forbidden desire is doubly powerful because to the original desire for - say - gambling, the desire to get the forbidden fruit itself adds up: in the end, the thing becomes far more tempting and so the prohibition becomes unenforceable, the desire becomes familiar and then, if it wasn't part of mainstream culture before, after being stupidly prohibited it does! Nothing can contradict the laws of nature and expect to survive for long, and if your desire is natural, then rest assured that it is good, no matter what others may say. So, if you feel tempted to play a hand of blackjack right now, please do so! Click on the banner and don't listen anymore to those bitter priests of hypocrisy that since they don't know how to have fun by themselves, they just don't want you to have it either.

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