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Can you Copy Xbox Games

In the first place, why you would want to know how to copy your Xbox 360 games. Xbox 360 games are expensive, especially if they are new release games. Now imagine if it got scratched after you had played it many times. If you know how to copy Xbox 360 games then you have a back up.

Making an FTP Connection between your PC and Xbox Before knowing how to copy Xbox 360 games you will need to have a modded (modified) Xbox 360. You will also need a crossover cable that fits to your computer Ethernet port, a new or hacked dashboard on your Xbox 360, and an FTP program (preferably FlashFXP). Your Xbox 360 will also need to be flashed; auto installers can do this step.

Once you have all these things You will need to do the following steps: 1. Turn on the Static IP on your Xbox 360 2. Set your IP to 192.168.0.

100. 3. Set Subnet Mask should be 255.255.255.

0. 4. Save these settings on your Xbox 360 5. Connect the Xbox to your PC with the cable to the Ethernet port. 6.

On your computer go to Network Connections and then Properties, set the IP and Subnet Mask to the same as the settings on your Xbox 360. 7. Turn off your computer's firewall before booting up your Xbox 8. Open FlashFXP 9. To connect click on the quick connection symbol (a lightning bolt) and then put the IP address that is on your computer and Xbox as the URL. 10.

Your username and password should both be 'xbox'. Your Xbox and computer should be connected by now. 10. Your username and password should both be 'xbox'. Your Xbox and computer should be connected by now.

Creating an X-iso File Before this step you will need Qwix that is a freeware software that you can download to help make ISO files. 1. Click on the create ISO button and then select FTP folder. 2. browse the games you want to copy.

3. If you are copying games stored on your Xbox hard drive or Xbox DVD drive then browse where these games are stored or select from your D drive. 4.

Click on the auto-cross link box and then click on create ISO. 5. You now need to pick a destination and filename for your file.

6. Remember to make sure that the save as type that you have chosen is ISO file. Use any game copy software to copy the file onto a DVD-R, if you use regular burning software you may not be able to play your game. 6.

Remember to make sure that the save as type that you have chosen is ISO file. Your Xbox needs a MOD-chip to run copied games on it. A MOD-chip will also allow you to play xbox 360 games from all over the world as well as any free download games.

Ask around and see what MOD-chips are considered reliable. The other option is to reprogram your BIOS so that it will play your copied games. The modification of any part of the Xbox 360, or its games, can be seen as risky. This article has a strong disclaimer against and copying of games for them to be pass on to others, or any type of modification which would be against Microsoft terms of use. This is purely advice, which should be checked before use.

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