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Choosing The Right Baseball Glove

With the sun beating down on your neck and the bases are loaded, the pressure is on you, the first baseman, to play the game right. Did we mention that you play for the majors? The roar and rumble of the crowd, the dust rising up and glistening in the sunlight, the glares of the opposing team all around, it can be a tough place to focus on the task at hand. And then it happens. Bat hits ball, the fans roar, and second base suddenly throws you fire.

Before you can even think about it, you react with the 'instinct' which has been trained and integrated into your mind and into your arms for years. And when you look down you have done it. The ball's in your hand. The batter's out.

You've won the game. Anyone who has a love for the game has experienced these glory moments, be it in reality or only in fantasy. Moreover, for those who are striving to experience more of reality, it is vital to know what you are doing. Making great plays is no accident. It takes practice, discipline, endurance, and knowing how to choose the right equipment.

That's where Akadema comes in. Known as being 'on the cutting edge of sports technology', and backed by Hall of Famer's galore, Akadema knows baseball. Akadema is back by a design team of professional player Bob Feller, Gary Carter, Carl Yastrzemski, and Ozzie Smith. Moreover, when you are ready to choose a glove, how should you choose them? How do you find the glove that is right for you? It is easier than it looks despite the wide selection and variety out on the market right now.

The first thing to ask yourself is what position you will be playing. Are you known on your team as the star of just one role, or will you be rotating through them all? As the game has evolved, so has the merchandise. There are now gloves for all positions, not just first basemen and pitchers like in the old days.

It is important to go to a reputable dealer like Akadema to make sure that you get the right size and fit for you. Secondly, you should consider the web of the glove. There is only one thing that really matters when it comes to this component. Can you see through it? This will help you to be functional and rid you of unnecessary dirt and other interferences during the game.

Webs that are solid work best if you need a sun shield for fly balls. Next, think about what works better for you; an open back or closed back. Just like the web, this comes down to personal choice and comfort. If you tend to overheat out there on the field, an open back will keep you a little cooler, while also offering you options such as an adjustable wrist strap.

Closed backs are a little more solid, offer less breathing room, and yet more support. The final factor that should be considered is the price of the glove. Nobody wants to spend a lot, but also remember that what you spend also reflects quality and advanced glove technology in many instances.

The bigger the brand names the bigger the price tag, so keep that in mind when shopping. Small, reputable manufacturers, such as Akadema can often offer the same quality (or better) for a more reasonable price. Akadema is the choice glove for more than 200 colleges and Universities, as well as major league baseballs such as Mike Myers of the New York Yankees, Manny Ramirez of the Red Sox, Dan Johnson of the Oakland A's, and Mike Sweeny of the Kansas City Royals.

Scott Peters is an avid baseball fan and baseball equipment retailer. For more information, please go to Choosing a Baseball Glove.

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