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Glass Creations Cradle Memories of Loved Ones

Glass Creations Cradle Memories of Loved Ones The idea for HeartGlass creations was born of grief and a longing to incorporate the beauty of hand-blown glass with cherished remains of loved ones. "HeartGlass Studios was able to produce a lovely piece of glass that not only incorporated my father`s ashes, but also a part of his essence. The glass is not only a beautifyl peice of art, but a wonderful memory of my dear dad.

I keep it close and look fondly at it every day." -Phyllis T. The idea for HeartGlass creations was born of grief and a longing to incorporate the beauty of hand-blown glass with cherished remains of loved ones.

"The company grew out of a desire to commemorate the life of a loved ones by creating art I could hold in my hand and display," said glass artist Marcie Miller in her studio. "And because we understand the sense of loss and grief a family experiences when a loved one is gone, we work with intent ? we begin by asking for a memory to keep in our minds and hearts as we create the HeartGlass. " Families are encouraged to select colors and combinations of colors to incorporate into the glass objects that can be spherical, heart-shaped, or mandala-shaped.

"We like to think that each individual we memorialize in glass brings his or her unique spirit to the design," Miller explains. "While we can control the patterns to a certain extent, we prefer to allow all the materials to interact with minimal interference from us. So, aside from a twist here and there for the spiraling effect, we generally do not force the design." The results can be extraordinarily beautiful. The ashes are a strikingly pure white, spiraling through the vivid colors and pure glass. Tiny bubbles trailing the ashes are the result of a natural interaction of molten glass and the organic matter cradled within each piece.

Each glass object is unique, infused with the spirit and memories of the loved one, as well as the desires and emotions of the families. Miller's promise to each family is that the ashes entrusted to HeartGlass Studios will be treated with utmost care and respect. "All unused ashes will be returned along with the completed HeartGlass memory sphere," said Miller. Each heart, sphere, or mandala requires less than a teaspoon of ashes -- include ample quantities when order multiple objects. "Because we believe in supporting the Greater Good," Miller said, "Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of each object will go to your choice of the following charities: Sky High Hope Camp for kids with cancer; Hospice for people with terminal illnesses, or the Dumb Friends League, an animal advocacy group.

" For more information, visit the HeartGlass website www.HeartGlassStudio.com , or call 720-229-0605.

Thrandur is a well known author and a successful webmaster. He is the owner of GPS-Compare.com. Glass Creations Cradle Memories of Loved Ones. Find more information about Thrandur and his other websites at his blog thrandur.net where he shares digital technology, dream business & design success Glass Creations Cradle Memories of Loved Ones here.

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