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Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows The Wait Is Almost Over

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the long-awaited seventh book in the series, and is arguably the most anticipated book in history. As we all count the days and minutes until the final release of the book (all the while wondering if it ends they way we have thought it would), we scour the internet and gossip columns with the purpose in mind to catch a stray word or two from the author that may reveal her closely guarded secrets. As Harry Potter fans already know, this is the continuing story about Harry Potter's magical training, and his adventures during his last year at Hogwarts. As Harry enters his last year at Hogwarts, it can be well expected that he will face even more danger than he has experienced during his previous years, as each succeeding school year has been fraught with ever-increasing peril. Not only must he solve the mysteries of his own history, he must also bring an end to the Dark Lord's rising power for once and for all, or certainly perish. The plot is expected to be particularly exciting this time, since after the deaths of several of his allies, Harry is now practically all alone, and must work on the details on his own.

There are a number of Dumbledore's friends who are still alive and are sure to lend Harry a helping hand, but Harry will likely not enjoy the mentoring and leadership that he has become accustomed to. This is the book where the climax will certainly reach its peak. According to author J.K Rowling, this is her personal favorite in the series, and she is rather pleased at having ended it the way she has.

Due to be released on 21st of July, 2007, for the first time at 0.01 (according to the British Summer Time), the book is to be published in a number of other languages and versions as well. The British version will apparently consist of 608 pages, and is to be published by Scholastic Press and Bloomsbury Publishing PLC.

According to statements of the author, J.K Rowling, this book is a continuation of the story lines set up in the preceding book, Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. Book Seven also continues the overall story, solving the mysteries and completing the epic sweep of Harry's years at Hogwarts and (hopefully) tying up all the loose ends remaining from the previous six volumes. Some of greatest mysteries that remain unsolved include the question of Snape's loyalty, the changes to be made at Hogwarts (if it continues to function at all), the result of Harry's trip to his parental house (which he is apparently going to make this year, accompanied by his two best friends), the consequences of the expiration of the magical protection set by Dumbledore on the Dursley's house, and the results of Harry's quest for the rest of the Horcruxes that he must destroy as soon as possible. It is expected, of course, that the final Harry Potter book breaking yet more records with its sales, as the "muggle" world waits to be swept yet again into the magical world of Wizards and Witches.

I plan on purchasing several copies myself -- after all, just in case this turns out to be the last book to ever be penned by our favorite author, we should make sure to give her the best possible farewell, right?.

Amy Koelle is a self-confessed Harry Potter junkie (some would say "addict"), and is the Director of Content Creation for HarryGear.com. She also publishes a monthly Harry Potter newsletter, available at: ==> http://www.harrygear.com

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