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Kona Mountain Bikes Are Made For Biking At Its Best

Kona mountain bikes are the specially designed mountain bikes manufactured by a bicycle company in the name of Kona Bikes. The company also has other product lines, which includes racing bicycles, frames, parts and accessories The company has been dubbed as the fun bike company for its unconventional yet crazy bike names. Whats more, it is believed that Kona is the first principal company to be on board as far as Freeride, or "North Shore" riding was concerned. Moreover, they are also known to produce some odd bikes that became instant hits in the market. You must know that Kona bikes are more than suitable for UK weather conditions.

No wonder, their mountain bikes have a huge market in U.K alone. Speaking of Kona bike range, you will find the Kona Stinky and not to mention the Kona Smoke are some of the best choices for the fanatic bike riders and novice cyclists.

Achievements Believe it or not, Kona has manufactured a downhill bike that took the title of a Downhill World Champion twice. When it comes to cross country riding and cross-country racing you cannot do without Kona Bicycles. From designing to innovation, you will get it all with these bicycles. Although these kinds of races are really tough, Kona bicycles are equal to the task. Durability and performance are the things that go hand in hand with Kona bikes and for this reason these bikes score high in dirt jumping.

If you are seeking a bike for urban riding, then hit the road with Kona Asphalt. With Kona Asphalt, riding city streets becomes childs play. Free riding bikes were always on demand and now with things going global, the demand has radically increased and Kona bikes have set the example worldwide especially as far as design is concerned. The variety The varied collection of mountain bikes from Kona has taken a considerable share of the market. For example Kona Lana I 2005 Mountain Bike, Kona Fire Mountain 2006 Mountain Bike, Kona Shred 2006 Mountain Bike, Kona Cinder Cone Sole 2007 Mountain Bike, Kona Unit 2007 Mountain Bike, Kona Kikapu-8 2007 Mountain Bike and all that have been instant hits. If you have any queries about this company and its products, go through the shopping help web page to find answers.

Another thing you should know is that Kona accepts sponsorship requests and resumes by email. You may also avail yourself to discounted bikes, so check it out with your local Kona dealers. If you have already bought a Kona mountain bike then you can seek the customer service department for any queries and enhancements. Maybe, you want to install a DH fork, or a specific tire or may even want to include more suspension to your bike, the Kona people are always ready with their suggestions.

All you need to mention is the type of bike, the date of manufacture and its serial number.

Robert Sheehan is a freelance writer and co-owner of http://www.bicycles-are-us.com Visit Robert And read more about bicycles at http://www.bicycles-are-us.com/Mountain-Bikes.html

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