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Multiplayer Action On My Xbox

What I am going to commence off on with my "Call of Duty 4" multiplayer review is how well the game looks on a HDTV.  First of all if you have absolutely no idea how to play games in HD, then I'm going to inform you how.  The first aim you do is go out to the nearest Best Buy or Circuit City and garner up a HDTV.  It doesn't have to be the greatest thing they have or the smallest,  just get a mid sized or one you believe comforted with in your domiciliate.

  . . .Then you are essentially set to go from there.

  After plugging in your console if it be the Play Station 3 or the Xbox 360 of way.  Then you are fit to play "Call of Duty 4" on your HDTV and being able to use all of the different games that you have in HD.  Now for me to continue on about the multiplayer opinion of Call of Duty 4.

  First of all if you have played any of the Call of Duty games before the multiplayer in the content part of it is going to appear a lot contrasting but the controls are belike all the same except for a couple of buttons much as the directional pad.  . . .

If you didn't know before, the aiming with  the gun up to your face and having it in the midsection of the screen is still there.  Also the multiplayer takes a kind of role playing style to the strategy. As you veto and go through your multiplayer matches you make experience.  Several games only utilize you five experience per termination while others distribute you ten and even fifty in whatsoever strategy modes.  That is the attribute with Call of Duty 4, is how more variety there is between the strategy modes.  You begiin out at story one only being fit to play free for all which is every man for him self thing and group death match.

  . . .

As you level up you get to be fit to act more and more various scheme varieties.  Few being control which is getting the nodes and hold them for points.  The acceptable and true head quarters is back which has both teams jetting to the point and trying to seize it before the other team does with it moving around.

  There are also hardcore strategy modes which takes all of your heads up display off and makes you much more weaker dieing with just one or two shots. . . . The hardcore game modes can be fun but I  my heads up representation and don't like parting from it.

  So the maximal point you can get to is 55 once your there you have all the guns but maybe not everything unlocked for every gun.  You see when you punish people with your gun you unlock challenges which unlocks things such as red dot sights or silencers for your gun also various camos for the gun.  . . . Another situation you can do at level 55 is go into prestige mode which takes you back down to level 1 and have to work your way back up to 55.

  Why do that? Because for one it gives you a better grounds to play and you get a less icon close to your name that says you have been 55 already and that you are not a noob.  That is  just a small piece of Call of Duty 4's multiplayer and you will have to check the rest out for yourself. But by far, this game is at it's optimal if viewed on a HDTV display.

John Wilkerson, an aspiring 16 year old writer.
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