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RV vs Tents a Comfort Issue

There are two styles of camping, both very enjoyable but both with different pros and cons. Deciding on a camping trip is easy, but what isn't so simple is choosing whether you'd like to spend your holiday in tents or in an RV. Personality types that prefer the outdoors and roughing it are probably going to think tents are the only way to go, and those people who enjoy living in the lap of luxury will definitely rent an RV for maximum comfort - but what about those people who are in between and can't decide which type of camping is best? Kitting yourself out with some good-quality, solid camping equipment and tents can set you back a few hundred dollars. The advantage to camping with tents is that you'll be investing in long-term equipment that will serve you vacation after vacation and will last many years if well maintained. Tents, sleeping bags and mattresses have come a long way and you'll find the equipment light, easily transportable and quick to set up.

The disadvantage to camping with tents is that you're more at mercy of the elements, and a few days of rain can leave you slightly damp and humid. Space is also problematic, even though today's tents have expanded to fit eight to twelve people. Camping with tents also means that you'll have to make arrangements for bathroom facilities and washing up. Most campgrounds offer public washrooms with toilets and showers, but many people consider the walk to the facilities an inconvenience.

Also, the cleanliness of campground washrooms is important for personal hygiene. With an RV rental, you'll have good solid shelter, leg- and head-room, and you'll have the comfort of tables, benches and proper sleeping accommodations. There's very little set up involved with an RV, as you're basically just parking the vehicle and hooking it up to the camping installation's amenities. The added advantage of having the conveniences of a shower, a bathroom and hot water at your disposal is often appreciated.

However, RV rentals can be pricey and you'll need to consider how you're going to haul the equipment around. You may end up having the extra cost of a truck rental added on to your budget, and you'll have twice as many worries about damages to equipment that you don't own. Also, you can't just set up an RV wherever you please and will have to find a campground with free space to accommodate your equipment. The type of person you are will have a lot to do with whether you'd be more comfortable in an RV or enjoy your camping trip more from the shelter of a tent.

Those who like to rough it in the deep woods definitely won't be able to do so with an RV, and those who prefer living in the lap of luxury will find tents sparse and cramped accommodations. Both styles of camping have their advantages and disadvantages, and its well worth sitting down to take a look at what suits your preferences more.

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