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The Natural Habitat of Animals

If a detective were tracking down a criminal, he would first find out about the mans habits and customs of living so he would have some idea of where to start his search. To track animals, too, you must know about their way of life. It would be most unusual to find a fox in a city park or a badger in the deepest forest, nor would you ever suspect a swamp animal of making tracks in a dry, fallow field. Every animal has its own natural habitat, which of course frequently cuts across those of other animals.

In general we have a pretty good idea of where different animals make their homes. Foxes, rabbits, mice, jays, and birds of prey can be found in or over open countryside. Deer (up to about 6000 feet), rabbits (mountain hares up to 8000 feet), mice, moles, weasels (up to 8000 feet), and woodchucks can be found in the mountains and hills.

Mice, otters, polecats, mouse-owls, plovers, storks, cranes, wild ducks and geese live near the water. In the forests and woods you find: Deer, stags, rabbits, squirrels, moles, foxes, badgers, martens, polecats, mice, finches, thrushes, crows, hawks, magpies, pheasants, buzzards, wood-owls, and woodpeckers. The following live in meadows, fields, and sparsely wooded spots: Rabbits, field mice, hamsters, moles, foxes, weasels, polecats, occasional badgers wandering through, partridges, magpies, buzzards, falcons, crows, mouse-owls, and woodpeckers. The Deer Shape of Hoof: Oval, smaller than all other hoofed animals, 3/4 "- 1" long, 11/8"-11/2" wide. Dewclaws visible only in tracks while fleeing.

Droppings: Dark brown, longish acorn shape, up to 3/8" thick, 3/8 "-1/2" long, found in sparse woods and forest. Feeding Grounds: Clearly visible in the winter as trough-shaped spots scraped through the snow in the woods. In the summer: spots dug through the leaves. Traces on Trees: Strips of bark torn off between 20" and 35" from the ground. Antlers of the Buck: The buck deer drops his antlers in the late fall and, beginning in March (April is the high point for this), rubs the velvet off against young softwood trees. The bark is scraped off and branches are broken.

In front of the tree you might also find spots where leaves and earth are thrown up and scraped to the rear. Voice: Deep, loud bellow: burr, burr, burr, burr is the scolding of a frightened buck. A lighter, loud "boy, boy" is the doe cry. Tracking of animals become more easy if you are well aware of thier habitant. Sometimes due to the lack of awareness of animals habitant many people often fails to recognized the habitant of animals and waste their times in seaching in different other places.

Mitch Johnson is a regular writer for http://www.best-scopes-n-binoculars.com/, http://www.hubforcamping.info/, http://www.goodbudgetholiday.info/

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