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The Photographer and the Writer

A photographer and a journalist worked together on an article for a glossy magazine. The article was a big hit, and after publication they got together for a drink. "You know," said the journalist, "that was some great photography.

You must have a great camera." "Thanks," said the photographer. "And that was some terrific creative writing. You must have a great typewriter.

" If you get this joke, you are probably a photographer who puts up with ridiculous comments every day. If you don't get it.read on, my friend, and learn. If you eat a great meal at a restaurant, you don't compliment the chef on the quality of his saucepans. When we appreciate a great painting, we don't automatically think about the brand of paintbrush. When you hear your favourite song.

well, you can see where I am going with this. So why is it that so many people think that good photography is all about how much money you spend on your camera? A camera is simply the tool a photographer uses for their craft. There are dozens of brands and models available, with myriad minor features that sound good in a camera shop. But good photography, as it always has, requires only the most basic features available in just about any camera: shutter speed, aperture, and a good quality lens.

In the days of film, these features were only available on SLR and larger format cameras, so it could be argued that they belonged to the realm of 'serious' photographers. However, in the age of digital cameras, these main features are available on nearly all cameras, should the owners take the time to learn how to use them. Regardless of what type of camera they have, a photographer uses an appreciation of light, a unique flair for composition, and a sense of timing, to capture their subject in a way that satisfies their vision.

These skills are the product of experience and creativity, and have nothing to do with technology. I was guest speaker at a camera club where one of the members brought a suitcase full of camera gear to the meeting. There was no reason to bring cameras to that particular meeting, and by all reports he wasn't much of a photographer, but he wanted everyone to see how much gear he had. What he did not seem to grasp was that cameras don't earn you respect as a photographer - photos do. If you want to improve your photography, never assume it will automatically happen with a better camera.

Instead, settle for the camera you can afford, and learn to use the camera you have. Remember; shutter speed and aperture, a good lens, and a good sense of light and balanced composition. Master these and you will get results no matter what sort of camera you have. Don't be intimidated by photographers with thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Instead, intimidate them with your photography.

in the end, only results matter.

Andrew Goodall has photographed nature for over 20 years. He has released two highly popular ebooks to help beginners learn the art and skills of photography. Andrew is in increasing demand as a guest speaker and teacher. Find out more at http://www.naturesimage.com.au

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