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The Right Guitar Technique

The word 'technique' refers to the intricacies of playing the guitar strings in order to make it sound melodious. Finger movements play the most important role when strumming the strings. The use of chords spices up the music, but, then again, it involves complicated techniques, which can only be mastered after repeated practice. Tools and techniques are the same and should be kept in mind when playing the guitar.

One of the most important aspects is the synchronization between the right and the left hand. This, combined with repeated practice, can help in the mastery of the technique of playing. The art of learning to play smoothly lies in the movement of fingers, and in the comfort of the muscles of each hand.

For someone who is not well-aware of the proper techniques of playing the guitar, the following important tips can help. 1. First and foremost, is learning how to bend a note. Bending a note allows for a change in the pitch of the note.

Remember that the easiness with which the notes can be bent will depend upon the strings, and the type of the guitar being used. The trick of achieving the right bending of note is possible by pushing the string across the neck of the guitar. One of the best techniques of playing the guitar by bending the note while picking the string. Another guitar technique is bending the note without picking it. This is done by bending the note, then picking the note, and finally releasing the bend.

In such case, the pitch of the note can be heard falling after it has started. 2. The next guitar technique is the 'hammer ons'. This technique allows one to play two or three notes for every picking note that is struck. The basic principle of the hammer on effect is that one should have good coordination between the left and the right hand to achieve the magical hammer-ons effect. For example, start by fretting a note on the fifth fret with the finger on the E.

Prick the string with the fretting hand, and at the same time the fifth fret should be able to be moved simultaneously. This will bring out the magic of the hammering action. So, pluck both the strings and hear the fifth and the seventh strings together. 3.

'Vibrato' means varying the pitch of the note when it falls up and down in a cycle. If playing notes, which are sustained, then one can use vibrato to add that extra expression. Suppose a not is played on the fifth fret of the top E string? Now what is to be done next? Pluck the string and release it until it comes back to its normal position. Then repeat this over again.

Now, continue the bend, release actions repeatedly, and this will bring the effect of continuous varying pitch. 4. The pull-offs also sounds very thrilling. Place the first finger on the fifth fret of the top-most string, and place the fifth finger on the same string but on the seventh fret.

First, remove the finger from the seventh fret, and then slowly from the fifth fret, and this will sound truly amazing.

Patrick Carpen is the designer, writer and owner of the website http://guitaring.infobay.ws/ Infobay.ws is a content based, consumer oriented website that provides professionally researched, and up to the minute content on selected subjects.

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