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The Rude Greedy Envious Will Give YouTube Success

I help run an overseas property website; the site has been going for a few years with steady traffic and clients. We did things the right way attracting the right type of people to our website. It was not until we attracted the wrong type of folks that we saw our website traffic soaring off the graph. The wrong type of people will also help you no matter the business or field of interest you are into. So who are the wrong types of folks? Well I would say we did not want rude and ignorant people upsetting our staff and our clients. These people are determined to make someone's day a misery.

I would like you to think of some person like that, we have all come across these people. You know the guy that drives so close to you that you can see his flaring nostrils. That person who simply does not give a dam about who you are.

Have you ever been in a line waiting and someone walks in front of you like you are not there? Well it's that type of person I am talking about. We don't want to target these guys they are the wrong type of people. The other people we did not want were the dam greedy. These people would always complain and would simply hog any free products or services we had on offer.

They will not be happy unless you are paying them. The third type of person was the insanely envious. What is the point in having someone bitching about luxury real estate for example or putting down someone who had success? It was not until we experimented with the marketing of a luxury home priced in millions that I learnt something different.

What I learnt does not just apply to real estate it applies to all types of people and businesses that want to promote on the internet. We uploaded our millionaire home on YouTube. It did not take long for me to discover what you may have already realised. The fact is the wrong type of people are actually the people you need to attract.

The wrong types of surfers were in fact my targeted audience. Here is what happened. We had experimented with uploading luxury real estate on to Youtube before and typically our views over a month would be around 200- 400 maximum. Well this time we did something different by mentioning key words such as Cash , Money, Bad, criminal,' millionaire' 'pimp' 'cribs' 'MTV' 'millionaire's mansion' we started to attract a different audience. This audience was the type of audience that would leave comments like 'hope the owner died!' this crib isn't as big as mine' any dead celebs live in this home? 'Not enough gold taps for me' our usual comments were along the lines of 'what a beautifully appointed building'. The comments invited more comments and for the first time we had a situation were our views were flying through the roof.

In four weeks we had 60,000 views. Now we had the attention of the masses our traffic started to rise. I hear you right now saying its quality traffic you want not quantity. In this success will also raise your profile on Youtube. This is the key to success your targeted audience of sound buyers will now find you. It takes your video to be featured to receive honours and links to stand out from the crowd.

The mere fact that this bitching and bad mouthing causes such a stir means your video will be shared.This buzz lead to success we found someone who wanted to buy the home a diamond in the rough. It's a fact human nature loves to bitch and moan rather than praise and wonder.

We love to put people down the media make a good living from it. We all have a curiosity and peeping inside a luxury home is simply irresistible. Combining these forces of nature will help you to Youtube sucess Its not good to say but it seems we need to be negative to win.

Nick Marr is the author of numerous articles concerning international real estate. He is an expert author with an entertaining view on life and also helps run overseas property website at http://www.homesgofast.com

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