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What Are BluRay Covers

As technology progresses forward, consumers are continually asking for more. High definition is no different in this respect. Once a person is introduced to super high quality visual its simply hard to go back.

This is why Blu-ray, the new high definition medium, is taking on such a storm today. While DVD is still the mainstream media of today, Blu-ray is growing and gaining momentum every day. Blu-ray discs can deliver HD visuals due to its capacity and also the unique blue laser used to read the data. Blu-ray discs store much more than regular DVDs and this allows the media to carry high definition video. The advanced technology of Blu-ray allows it to display movies in either 720p, 1080i and 1080p formats.

BDs can also be used to store high-fidelity audio files which also take up a lot of storage space. Using Blu-Ray technology also makes it possible for 7.1 channel audio mastering with lossless DTS HD and Dolby True HD audio formats.

High Definition Video and Audio produces clear and crisp results like never seen or heard before. High Definition produces such a beautiful picture that it feels like watching a movie in a cinema. The increased fidelity of the sound when played in a 5.

1 surround sound system makes watching movies at home more pleasurable. As a result many inidividuals are slowing changing over to Blu-ray. This is a fact made evident by a February 1, 2008 article that shows that Blu-Ray movie titles hold an 80 percent market share for the month of January. Compared to DVD the selection of movies is low, however you can expect the number of titles available to rise dramatically over the new few years. Warner, along with other movie studios have announced that high definition movies will only be released to the Blu-ray format from May 2008. Unfortunately HD-DVD has fallen from its grace as Blu-ray captured the market securing the support of 80% of high definition consumers.

The popularity of BD movies may be attributed to the increased clarity of the movies and may also be attributed to the Blu-Ray cover arts that are included when you buy these BD titles. Blu-Ray covers are the cover art that represents the movie being purchased. The cover art shown on the Blu-Ray covers are responsible for attracting a customer to buy the movie.

A Blu-ray cover usually has artwork related to the movie on the front as well as the official logo. The front images may also have many screens from the actual movie to preview what the film is about. The fron of a Blu-ray cover must capture the attention of a consumer which means that it must be creative while representing what the movie is roughly about.

The rear of a Bly-ray cover presents the synopsis, credits, special features, screen captures and much everything else which is found on a regular DVD cover. Blu-ray technology has captured the market and wowed many with its ability to deliver High Definition visuals.

Blu-ray covers tend to represent a movie and what it is about. To find out more about this and DVD covers then visit http://www.dvdcoversfuzion.com

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