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Why Is World Of Warcraft So Successful

World of Warcraft has been an amazing success on every level. There is something about this particular game that has connected with people, more so than any other title. Its popularity just keeps growing and shows no sign of slowing down. The game has many strengths, all of which have contributed to its success. World of Warcraft is well developed and well made. The game's developer, Blizzard Entertainment, has tremendous quality control.

They put a lot of pride and effort into their games, and this title was no exception. It spent five years in development, with a team of 65 people working on it. Blizzard held beta tests for the game to see how people responded to it, and they used these opinions to hone and perfect the game as much as possible. It was a very ambitious game, and it has really fulfilled its potential. From the beginning, World of Warcraft was in a strong position, in that it already had a following before its release. There are many people who were fans of the previous Warcraft games and also of role-playing games in general, so there was a core audience who were predisposed to buy it and to like it.

Crucially, it met the expectations that people had of it. It delivered on the anticipation and the hype that it saw in the run up to its launch. World of Warcraft is a very impressive game. It is great fun to play, entertaining you and challenging you at the same time.

It has strong characters and rich environments, with the game world of Azeroth existing as its own convincing, distinctive universe. It is visually appealing, with a charming, sublime look to it. There is a great deal to do and a lot of variety to the gameplay.

It moves well and is always interesting. People are attracted to World of Warcraft because it allows them to play an assortment of different characters. It features great range and choice.

You can be any kind of character and any gender that you want to be. The ability to play as either Alliance or Horde gives players the best of both worlds - you can be either a hero or a monster. The freedom you have in customising your character is pleasing, and makes it a more original and unique experience.

World of Warcraft offers different types of gameplay. You can play the main part of the game, and go on a journey through Azeroth, completing quests and testing your skills in combat. Alternatively you can take part in the player versus player content. This has become an essential part of the game since it was introduced.

Indeed for some players it is now the highlight of the whole title. The battlegrounds are exciting and unpredictable, and feature superb multi-player action. World of Warcraft is great value and is a long-lasting title. It is ingenious and clever and a real challenge. The world of the game is enormous and will amuse you for a long time.

The updates to the game enhance it further, and ensure that there are always new areas to explore and fresh sights to see. It is of such high quality that it may become the only game you play. It is so satisfying that people lose interest in other games and concentrate on this one title exclusively. The brilliance of World of Warcraft is that it has built upon previous games of its type and improved them. It could be argued that it is the ultimate massively multi-player online role-playing game. It represents the perfection of the genre.

It is not that it is hugely different to previous multi-player games, but rather that it has taken the genre and has made the best example of it to date. It is a masterpiece that has incorporated and refined all the elements of this kind of title. World of Warcraft then is very inviting and is an excellent game. It appeals to people on many different levels, and this has helped it to reach a large audience.

It is so well made and entertaining that its success seemed assured, and yet the scale of its success has been extraordinary. It now stands as an essential title.

Hunter Crowell is a researcher, marketer, and an avid online gamer, including World of Warcraft and also the creator of Buy World of Warcraft Gold Price List Guide, a web site setup to help players find the cheapest place to buy their gold.

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